Plucky Peppermint

Plucky Peppermint Buzz

Tonight, I made two more batches of soap.  I’ve never done back to back soaping, but I’ll admit: it actually motivated me to clean up RIGHT AWAY.  I’ll have to try this more often!

The batch of Plain Jane Soap was simple enough; I’ve done that one plenty of times and it is the base I use for all of the other soaps.  The lye fumes got to me for a bit so I had to stand outside.  I wouldn’t have minded, but my next door neighbors are both cops and between the mad scientist look and the constant arrival of packages on my front door (often containing large quantities of lye), I’m sure I looked like quite the little meth cooker.

On the bright side, I turned my potentially awkward moment into a chance to talk up the soap business.  I figure it never hurts to mention (casually, of course), that I make handcrafted soaps and that they make wonderful gifts. WINK!

The next batch was Plucky Peppermint Soap, by request of my best friend.  She LOVES peppermint skin care products.  Lip balms, lotions, shampoos, you name it, she’s got it.  At some point, I’m sure she’ll talk me into making a peppermint shampoo bar, but for now, those are all fragrance free.

Anyway, peppermint essential oil has got a punch to it.  Between the lye fumes earlier and the extreme potency of the peppermint, I’m buzzing and a bit lightheaded.  I kept everything as far from my face and even breathed through my shirt, but even after it’s done, the smell is strong.  These are going to be some delicious soaps!  (Justin’s already talked about eating the “mints”).

Although I went without colorants this time, I think the main event will be the aroma.  Still, they’ll probably smell so strong it’ll travel through the internet!

Plucky Peppermint