Oatmeal Soap Success

I made a batch of Oatmeal Soap last night and today it smells AMAZING.  To begin at the beginning, it was the first time I’d used SoapCalc to calculate my SAP values.  I’d always made 7-pound batches before, but the new soap molds are for 6-pound batches.  I needed to adjust an old recipe that I inherited to suit the new batch size.  Voila!

After grinding the oatmeal to a finer powder, I set myself up and made the batch.  I used cinnamon EO, Orange Sweet EO, and French Vanilla FO in addition to the oatmeal powder with a pinch of cinnamon powder.  It took awhile to trace, but it was worth the wait.

Today when I looked at it in the mold, it is has a beautiful speckle and it smells divine.  The orange comes through on top, but the cinnamon lingers as the base note.  In fact, it smells almost exactly like Calissons d’Aix candies (even though there isn’t any almond in it).