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Testing the Neem Shampoo: Day One

Day One: Today we tried the Neem Shampoo.  Justin says that he got lots of great lather from the bar, even at this early stage.  Admittedly, he rubbed the bar directly onto his short hair.  With my longer hair, I had to rub my hands together and only got a small amount of lather.  Chances are he also used up all the nicely cured outer layer and I got left with the younger innards.  As soap ages and cures, the lather increases.

On the bright side, the smell was fine.  I couldn’t smell the neem at all.  All I could smell was the rosemary and the mint, which was wonderful.  This morning my hair feels really soft, much softer than I expected given that I only used shampoo this morning.  I ran out of conditioner and haven’t had a chance to make a batch of my own yet.  Today seemed like a good day to really test out the shampoo and see its effects.  My scalp barely itches today (a miracle) and the hair is soft and shiny.  What little scratching I’ve done today I’ve done out of habit more than anything else.

Normally, my scalp itches uncontrollably and flakes.  There are days I wear gloves in the house just to keep myself from scratching.  Some nights (mostly in the winter), I wear a beanie to bed so I won’t scratch in my sleep!  I’ve been to see the dermatologist, but nothing he suggested really worked and the oil treatment he prescribed left my hair stringy and gross.  Every time I used it, my hair was left greasy.  If this neem shampoo continues to work as well as it did this morning, I’m a convert!  Nice smell, soft hair, calm scalp … HOORAY!


Neem Oil

After reading about all of the skin benefits of Neem Oil, I was excited about trying some in a shampoo recipe.  I’d also read that Neem Oil had an unpleasant smell, but I didn’t worry too much about that.  I planned to use essential oils to cover up the smell.

I used it last night and O.M.G. it smells foul.  Folks weren’t kidding!  This may be graphic, but to be perfectly honest, it smells like someone ate unbalanced compost and then vomited it up.  Working with it was pretty gross.  I felt like throwing up the whole time I was standing over the oil pot.

The soap turned out well and has a pretty green color:

I am a little worried, though.  I can still smell the neem oil underneath the essential oil blend.  I’ve read that it will fade as it cures, but right now, it is still too ick to use.  Time will tell ….

UPDATE: After 5 hours curing, the neem smell is already disappearing.  Whew!  It’s very faint, still noticeable if you’re searching for it, but fainter and fainter as time passes.  In a week, it might even be nice!