Anne Arundel County Flea Market (April 2012)

Location: Crownsville, MD

Day of the Week: Saturday

Weather: Clear, but cool.  Warm in the sun, but chilly under the pavilion.

Organization: Good.  No confirmation beforehand, but available through email.  Very well organized during the event.

Crowd Size: Great.  Lots of foot traffic.

Crowd Make-up: Some families.  Lots of dog owners.  Plenty of bargain hunters.

Booth Fee: $20 for 10′ x 10′ in the Pavilion

Last night was rough.  I could barely sleep for nerves, but I made myself lay there until 4:45 am.  To put that into perspective: I normally like to sleep approximately 10 hours a night.  Surprisingly though, I was wide awake once I got on the road.  I’m sure I’ll be a zombie tomorrow, but right now I am high on success!

I arrived at the fairgrounds 20 minutes before the gates opened, and I was still way at the back of the line. Still, that felt better than if I’d arrived at my traditional time–unfashionably early.

For all of the many wonderful things about the market and its sponsors, I have to confess to being really freaked out by the statue at the entrance to the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds.  It is a statue of a lumberjack (not in and of itself creepy) holding out his hands, seeming to gesture you towards him like “Hey! You wanna piece of me?”  I don’t know if my picture does him justice.

Set-up was really quite easy.  I was worried because I was on my own today, but luckily I was in the pavilion so I didn’t need to set up the pop-up tent (not an EZ-Up and not easy).  It probably took me 45 minutes to set up, but I’m a perfectionist.  Check out the booth:

As always, I had a lot of fun chatting with shoppers and watching the people (and dogs) stroll by.  The lotion bars were a big hit and everyone loved my new scent creations.

Only one couple bought the Trousseau soap, but they were really into it. Literally everyone who smelled the Calisson Oatmeal Soap talked about delicious the smell was.  Making the Worker Bee section was also a great idea since a lot of people compulsively added an extra soap nugget to their purchase.  Samples and trial sizes are genius!

On top of all that, my hands have never been so well-hydrated!  After showing everyone how the lotion bars work, my hands are ridiculously soft and smooth.  Even I’m amazed at how well they work and I make them!

Lotion Brains

Lotion on the Brain

After seeing a link to my new favorite homesteading blog, I found a recipe for handmade lotion bars.  They seemed simple enough: beeswax, cocoa butter, and olive oil.  I decided to try them out last night.  They were surprisingly easy, especially after making soap for so long.  No lye, no mad scientist costume, no fumes!  In fact, the whole kitchen smelled divinely chocolate-y!

The lotion itself is great.  Justin tried some out on his hands (he’s the one with the rough skin) and I considered it a win that I had the self-control not to eat one.  It softens just enough with the warmth of your skin and my hands have felt wonderful all day.

The only problem I ran into was that my new lotion molds haven’t come in the mail yet.  The supplies were here, but not the molds.  Wait, you say?  NEVER.  I wanted to make it right away.  So I found some cute bowls that I use for snacks.


The leaf shape is really lovely and I hoped that I might get a nice pattern on the lotions from it.

Ha!  I got a pattern, but I don’t know how nice it is.  If anything, they look like brains to me:


They’re perfect for a Halloween gag gift, but I don’t know how many people are going to want to buy lotion bars in the shape of brains.  Honestly, they freak me out a little bit, so much so that I melted them down this morning and used a flower-shaped cookie cutter to make less terrifying bars.

Still, if anyone wants a zombie-friendly lotion, let me know!