Chef's Soap

First Scent Experiments

I’m currently experimenting with new soap scents.  I’ve done a lavender soap already, using only essential oils and lavender bud powder:


The smell is divine, and strong!  One of my customers told me that she’s been keeping it in her bathroom just to scent the whole room.

I’ve also tried out using fragrance oils.  I did a Rose Garden soap with Rose Garden FO and rosehip powder.  It smells good, but the scent is nowhere near as strong as the lavender.  I don’t know if that is a result of the differences between Essential and Fragrance oils.


Next, I worked on a coffee-based soap for chefs.  Coffee is great at removing the scent of onions, garlic, fish, etc.  When I worked on the salad line, I could never get the smell of onions out of my hands and I was miserable, until I discovered coffee as a cleaner.  I’d always heard that coffee was great to smell between fragrances, but it never occurred to me to try it on my hands too.

Anyway, I made coffee out of the distilled water I normally use for soap-making.  At first, it smelled foul and I was seriously worried about the batch.  However, once I mixed it all together and got to trace, it smelled faintly sweet.  It doesn’t smell like coffee like I thought it would, but it does smell good and it has a pretty brown color.  It’s a bit neutral, not masculine and not feminine.