Bug Repellant Lotion NEEDS A NAME

I’ve perfected the bug repellant lotion.  It’s been tested in the hellscape of my mosquito-ridden backyard.  It’s been tested on the trails.  It’s been rubbed, smoothed, and applied to anyone who will hold still long enough!  Now, it just need a name.

That is where YOU come in, dear Soap Fans.  Suggest a name for the new bug repellant lotion for a chance to win a FREE TUBE!  The contest runs from today through Sunday, June 16th at midnight.  You can enter as many times as you like, once per day.  Whoever suggests the winning name will be given a FREE tube, but one other lucky contributor will also win.  Start naming!

To participate, post your suggestion as a Reply here, then enter the Rafflecopter (see the link above).  You can earn extra entries by tweeting about the contest!

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