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First Craft Fair Reflections

Yesterday was our first craft fair and, wow, I learned a lot:

  1. Rain sucks, especially for soap.
  2. I need a foldable table with a handle instead of the monster banquet table I borrowed from my mother.  My hands hurt from gripping the metal underside.
  3. Wheeled carts for hauling all of the plastic bins are genius.
  4. Put as much product as possible on the table, people like to touch and smell and see things.
  5. Buy a pop-up tent for outdoor shows … again, RAIN.
  6. Get a smartphone credit card reader … impulse buying!
  7. Men and women, old and young, everyone needs soap.
  8. Bring more plastic baggies to protect the soap from the rain AND cute baggies with our logo.
  9. Don’t worry about the competition; everyone has a different market.
  10. HAVE FUN, talk with people, and stop stressing about sales.  Friendly, approachable people make more money anyway.

We didn’t make a killing by any stretch of the imagination, but we more than broke even with the cost of the vendor fee.  For now, that’s all I wanted.  I met a lot of great crafters, got good advice, and signed people up on the mailing list.

The next show is in a couple of weeks, and I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then.  I want to experiment with some new soap, shampoo, and lotion recipes.  I want to add some embellishments to the products and packaging.  I want my new business cards and banner to come in the mail! Weeeeee soap!