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Spring Garden – Dirt Day

Right now, the weather is perfectly poised between the chill of winter and the warmth of spring.  I desperately want to garden, but I know that if I do too much too soon, I’ll hurt my garden in the long run.  Therefore, I’ve been settling for seed catalogues and browsing the Pinterest gardening pins.

That all means that today is dirt day.  I got a few plants that the local nursery had out and promised I could plant now, but mostly today was a lifting day.  My back is a little ache-y, but I was good and tried to lift with my knees as much as possible.

The backyard is not big, and since it is a rental, I can’t dig in the ground too much.  Containers for me this season!  LOTS of containers!  I saw the most amazing idea for using window boxes and tried it in my yard for some small herbs and veggies:


In case you can’t read some of my signs, I’ve planted chives, scallions, cilantro, lettuce, spinach, and broccoli in the tiered planters. The broccoli is a bit of a stretch in the space, but we’ll see how it turns out.  Below them, I have lemon balm and mint from last year (the mint got a bit burned moving across country; we’ll see if it comes back).  In the fish planter, I’ve got thyme.

The signs themselves are made of basic home supplies: packing tape, plastic knives, and paper. I printed out the names of the plants I plan to grow, cut them down and placed each piece of paper between two pieces of packing tape.  DIY lamination!  I then taped the labels to plastic knives and put them in the soil:

In addition to the window boxes, I also filled two big tubs with rocks and soil to get ready for my pepper and tomato plants.  I bought some cheap bamboo rods instead of fancy metal supports; hopefully, they’ll work just as well.  It can’t hurt that I placed them against the wire fence for something extra to grab onto:


I do have some flowers coming in on the trees.  I try to keep the garden pretty simple in terms of color-scheme and since the trees have pink flowers and the dracaena-looking things on the ground had purple flowers last fall, I picked up some more pink-flowering plants at Lowe’s this morning.


UPDATE: After searching the internet, I believe this tree is a Camellia with pink buds.  The leaves and buds look like what I’ve seen online.  I’ll have to ask a local expert to take a look at it.


Scarlet Flame Moss Phlox


Back: Succulents and Yarrow, Front: Touran Neon Rose Saxifraga