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Getting Ready

I’ve come a long way in the last few months.  My products lines have expanded and I’ve got a lot more equipment.  When I think back to how easy getting ready for the last show was (and how nervous I was anyway), I have to laugh.  One table, one tablecloth, and a bunch of soap … embarrassingly easy set-up.

Today, I’m getting ready for the Anne Arundel County Flea Market and I cannot believe how much more stuff I have this time around!  I’ve added three more types of soap and five new lotion recipes, and I’ve got lots of new banners, signs, business cards, samples, etc.  I’ve also switched to organic ingredients so I have a whole bunch of discontinued conventional oil soaps to sell at a discount.  Hopefully they’ll fly off the shelves at $1 a chunk!

Tonight, I’ll have to pack up the truck and get things set because tomorrow morning I’m getting up at 5am to drive to Crownsville, MD for the show.  Wish me luck!