Storage Rooms

When we first moved into our rental, we were super excited about having a real, honest-to-gods storage room with laundry (we’re in the bottom of a rowhome).  Pretty soon, however, it became The Dungeon: filled with cat litter crumbs, dust bunnies, lost socks, and a massive assortment of storage bins (each less accessible than the last).

TODAY. WE. CLEANED.  We swept and wiped and purged.  And it felt good.  Some of the things are going to get repurposed for outside in the garden.  I’m pretty excited about having a “patio set” now that I can combine an old table and a couple of random chairs.  We’ll call it eclectic.

The only remaining issue is the storage bins.  They are huge bins (18″D x 22″H x 30″W) and I haven’t been able to find any pre-made, affordable shelving units that are big enough and strong enough for our bins.  Even worse, the bins are filled with books for our future “library” (what can I say? I teach English) and we want to be able to access them regularly so stacking them on top of each other won’t really cut it.  For now, they’re in short towers, but we’ll have to find some other system soon.

The question now is: should we buy new clear storage bins that will fit on regular shelves or should we build our own shelves?  The lazy consumer in me says BUY! BUY! BUY! but the self-sufficient DIYer says BUILD! BUILD! BUILD!