Sweeney Todd Shave Soap

Avoid that demon barber from Fleet Street by giving yourself an amazingly close shave at home!  This soap contains colloidal oatmeal, bentonite clay, and cruelty-free Tussah silk to give you a close shave with fantastic slip.

Try the Sweeney Todd Shave Soap! This solid bar of shave soap saves packaging, is gentle on skin, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Whether you are shaving your face or your body, you can feel good about using this product.  When shaving your face, you can rub the bar directly onto the stubble (if you have enough to need to shave, you have enough stubble to create a lather).  However, for a more luxurious shave, you might consider investing in a nice badger hair brush.

Each bar of this silky shave soap weighs approximately 4.5 oz. and can be purchased through my store.

Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils (distilled water, organic olive oil, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, organic soybean oil, sodium hydroxide, cruelty-free tussah silk), colloidal oatmeal, bentonite clay, rosemary extract.

Reviewed by: Quick Tattletails

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