Memory Quilts

Do you have a pile of t-shirts laying around your house, filling up your storage space?  Most of us do and few of us are willing to throw those old memories away.  Sure, you could donate them, but how many ill-fitting shirts does Goodwill really need?  Why not turn those shirts and those memories into something you can cherish for years?

These quilts are the most comfortable quilts you could ask for; they’re literally your old favorite clothes!  Next time you cuddle up with a blanket and a book, do so surrounded by your favorite memories.  These quilts are perfect for people with pride in their school or team, runners, Red Cross heroes, band groupies … the possibilities are endless.

Memory quilts are made to order, according to your specifications.  The amount of t-shirts you want to use up will determine the size quilt you should order.  You have the option of having a solid backing (in which case I buy organic jersey bed sheets for the quilt back) or having a backing made of the remainder of your t-shirts — all for the same price.  I use only organic batting, although you have your choice of thickness/warmth.

Baby Quilt                       $250

Twin Quilt                      $325

Full/Queen Quilt          $400

King Quilt                       $475

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