Why Handcrafted Soap?

Handcrafted soapmakers generally pride themselves on their unique recipes, developed to create their signature soaps. Soap ingredients are usually food-quality, natural ingredients starting with a variety of vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, or palm, or purified tallow or lard. To these the soapmaker might add specialized oils, nut butters or seed extracts to bring the desired qualities to the finished bar.

Plant-based essential oils are added for scent. For color or texture, soapmakers use botanicals, herbs, spices or other natural ingredients. For those with sensitivities, many soapmakers also make “simple soap” with no additives or scent.

In addition to all the wonderful ingredients that may be in handcrafted soap, perhaps the biggest advantage of handcrafted soap is in the soapmakers themselves, each of whom invests their care and attention to detail into every batch and bar.

When you use a bar of handcrafted soap, you know it was made with the personal touch of a local soapmaker.

* “How Handcrafted Soap Is Made.” How Soap Is Made. Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Inc., n.d. Web. 03 Sept. 2012.

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