Saving Sandalwood

People often ask me, “Why even offer a sandalwood soap if you can’t offer it with essential oils?”  I understand their confusion; every other scented product I offer uses essential oils, so having a synthetic sandalwood scent seems odd.  IT SHOULD.  I want people to take a moment to ask themselves, “What’s up with Sandalwood?”

The truth is true Indian Sandalwood is endangered due to over harvesting and unethical processing practices.  Be wary of any product claiming to use real sandalwood essential oil.  Ethically, sustainably harvested sandalwood essential oil costs anywhere between $400-$600 per ounce.  Even for essential oils, that is extreme.

To bring awareness to the threat posed to the world’s sandalwood tree groves, I’ve created Kama Sutra Soaps and Lotions.  These products use skin-safe synthetic sandalwood fragrance oil along with French Vanilla and Rose Garden fragrance oils.  For every item with this scent blend that you purchase, I will donate 10% of the profits to the International Sandalwood Foundation.

In 2013, Baltimore Bumble Crafts raised $28.40.

In 2012, Baltimore Bumble Crafts raised $14.40.

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