Company Structure

I am Baltimore Bumble Crafts.  Baltimore Bumble Crafts is me.  I am not an independent consultant for a larger skincare company.  I do not buy pre-made bases for any of my products.  Everything you see here is the result of my own imagination, intuition, and hard work (with plenty of inspiration from other soap makers, vendors, bloggers, and Pinterest).  After inheriting a single, beautiful, and perfect recipe, I leapt on blind faith and began this business.

So the “company structure” is one woman, working over a hot stove, in front of a laptop, or under a tent, bringing you the best she can offer … one woman and a borrowed truck, driving through the sunrise to get to market hours before you, going to the gym so that she will be able to lift her tent by herself, and worrying all the while that if she gets too sweaty, smelly, and gross that you will think her soap doesn’t work … one woman, wishing she could add jobs to this economy, but barely paying herself .  This is what being a small business means in 21st century America.

When you see us, the small business women, the kitchen-witches, the artists, remember that your words count more with us.  When you tell me you like something you bought, I run home and brag to anyone who’ll listen (including the cat).  When you tell me that you don’t like something, that carries even more weight.  Be mindful of what you say  to vendors; we have rough hands from hard work, but thin skin from pouring our hearts into these ventures.

What help I receive comes in the form of volunteer labor: product testers, super sniffers, and wordsmiths.  These friends, coworkers, customers, and strangers contribute their time and energy to make sure I continue to produce the high-quality products you’ve come to know and love.  I cannot thank them enough! If you are interested in volunteering in one of these capacities, send me an email at  I’d love to have your help making this business a success!

One thought on “Company Structure

  1. I bought some lotion bars from you at the Apple Festival in Perry Hall this past September and LOVE them, I am almost through the second lotion bar so I’ll be ordering more soon!

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