As the artist and founder of Baltimore Bumble Crafts, I believe in creating the most natural, healthful products possible. I seek out the highest-quality organic, all-natural, and sustainable ingredients.  Sometimes this requires compromise, as in the case of the Kama Sutra Soap where sustainability trumps all-natural ingredients.  More often than not, however, the elements of organic, all-natural, and sustainable comes together to create a perfect product!

I believe that our planet is a source of wonder, not a resource to be used up.  Each of us, individuals and businesses alike, has a responsibility to protect the planet and the life it sustains.  For Baltimore Bumble Crafts, that means reducing the amount of packaging I use,  using recycled and recyclable materials for packaging,  buying 100% recycled bags and business cards, and re-using packing peanuts.  Furthermore, part of the profits from this business go to charities and organizations with a focus on protecting the environment.

While some soap makers focus on aesthetics, on making the most beautiful and visually-stunning bars of soap, my focus is on creating captivating scent blends and therapeutic ingredients.  When you use a bar of my soap, shampoo, or lotion, I want you to feel pampered in both mind and body.

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